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Safety Tips

Safety Tips (While Travelling)

Blend In:

Don’t be a target. Thief and robbers target those that don’t below, such like the traveller or tourist. They know their is money and expensive equipment on such people.

Know your route, read your map and make notes, ask for directions at he hotel and not on the road. Put your camera away while walking on the street. Keep your belonging hidden and our of sight from prying eyes.

Common Sense:

Trust your instinct and use common sense. If something or someone feels wrong then leave where you are and get to a safe place. Be aware of what and who is around you at all times.

Stash The Money:

Don’t keep your money and passports just in an open pocket. Keep it extra safe; in a hidden kidney (or fanny pack) bag or behind a zip. Make it hard for someone to just walk past you and pick-pocket you.

Practice Caution:

Even if you safely in your hotel room, don’t just blindly open the door when the doorbell is rung. When leaving your hotel room make sure all your belongings are secured behind a lock and key, or push button safe. Make sure the door is shut safely behind you.

Same to if you hiring a car. Make sure the doors are locked after exciting it. Turn back and test the door to ensure its locked. Before getting out or in your car look and see if anyone is lingering around. Wait till you feel safe before doing anything.

Light Over Dark:

If at all possible always park or walk in well lit areas. Try always stay out the dark. Try get indoors before the night sets. Always travel in pairs or groups, as there is more safety in numbers.

Make Duplicates:

Ensure that you are carrying police certified copies of your passport, bank and credit cards, airline and hotel tickets. Of anything and everything precious to the support of your travels. Keep those copies in a safe area.

If you travelling by car and have access to spare keys, let someone else in your travelling group carry them. That way if you loose yours they have the duplication you need to continue on your travels.

Pills And Drugs:

Any travellers require special life saving medication that will be extremely hard to obtain abroad. Make sure you bring enough spare and keep in a safe place. If would even be a good practice to carry a copy of our medical records, just in case they are needed.


Ensure you insure everything that travels with you. It can always be replaced, your life is worth more.

These are just a few tips to assist you with a safer travel.